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Vyakaran Bharati Bhag 1

Vyakaran Bharati Bhag 1

By Thakur Dass, Archana Kohli

This is a part of a series of Hindi Grammar books for primary school students. The content has been graded carefully, keeping in mind the level of comprehension and the language skills of the students. The lessons are well organised and structured with easy‐to‐read explanations and features that help the students understand the basics of Hindi grammar.

Some special features of the book are:

  • Text-cum-workbook for Hindi grammar
  • Simple language, lucid explanations
  • A large number of graded examples with illustrations
  • A variety of interesting exercises
  • Emphasis on practical grammar and usage
  • Lessons based on the learn-by-doing method
  • Suitable for non-Hindi-speaking states too

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